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  1. Hello,
    Where looking for some feedback and could use your help, if there was something about our website you find confusing or something in general you would change about our site what would you do to make it better?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us improve

    • I have a quick question…is there a marked difference in glow brightness and duration between the plastic glow stones and the glass? Would the plastic be better for specific projects over the stone and visa versa?

      • Thank you for your question.

        The glow qualities are extremely similar and for most projects they can be used interchangeably. Due to the tumbled process that the glass glow stones undergo each stone is different so it provides a more natural look. Also the glass glow stones come in smaller sizes making them more suitable for cement work.

  2. Just wondering, would you ever do custom shapes, like fill molds with the glass or plastic. For example to make something large like wall tile, large flag stone, or other objects.
    I ask because I am in the beginning stages of starting an off grid farm. Currently just saving up for the property, but glow in the dark landscape would be very helpful to my staff and animals. The area is very dark at night and 20 minutes drive to a city. So in emergency cases at night it would be helpful


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